Saturday, 20 November 2010

Historic Beers

I was recently given these beers by a relative, they were clearing their loft and saved these from the skip for me.

I drank a bottle of the Bass 1977 & the Ansells 1977 a few weeks ago. Both had inherited a sherry like flavour during their 33 year storage. The Bass 1977 Ale was still full of life, it was hard to believe it was brewed so long ago. The Ansells was slightly 'duller' with a very strong sherry flavour, almost too much at times!

I haven't tried the Ind Coope Strong Ale, The Bass Princess Ale or the Heritage Christmas Old Ale, and I'm not sure i ever will. Unless a suitably special occasion arises!

In light of this weeks Royal Engagement I'm sure many a brewery will be planning a run of Celebration Ales, Its just a shame Bass (as it was in 1977) and Ind Coope are not around to brew alongside them!


  1. These look amazing, what a find and so glad they were saved from the skip!

    Would love to 'baron rate' one of these with you sometime, that would be a very special evening! ;)

  2. Im glad too! I'm sure a tasting could be arranged at some point in the future!