Friday, 5 November 2010

Supermarket Beers

In the last week I have managed to pick up these beers from my local supermarkets. There has been a lot of chat on Twitter & blogs regarding the Tesco American Double IPA brewed by Brewdog and the positives/negatives of  it being released as Hardcore IPA in disguise. In my opinion I couldn't really care what bottle it comes in, what label is on said bottle as long I get some in my glass! It really is a fantastic beer! That goes for the others too!

I've got a couple of bottles of the 'TADIPA' and will post my full thoughts later.

I'm lucky to get Jaipur in my local Tesco Express, the smallest Tesco in the area, on the route home from work. No longer must I settle for anything else during that mad rush home on a Friday, I can nip in and buy one of my favourite beers almost on my doorstep!

If putting these beers in the major supermarkets gets more people drinking great beers then it can only be a good thing, can't it?

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