Monday, 29 November 2010

Peter Kay & Sheffield Tap

This weekend saw my long awaited trip to see Peter Kay in Sheffield. Arriving by train I caught a glimpse of the Sheffield Tap on the opposite platform. If I could time it right we might have time for a quick pint before catching the train home.

Peter Kay was fantastic, if you like his comedy and get the chance to see him, go. New material & great production make for an enjoyable evening.

After battling our way out of the Arena, onto a tram, into a taxi we eventually arrived back at the station and on to the Tap. Thornbridge Jaipur, Thornbridge Halcyon, Brewdog Edge & There's no Santa were all consumed and enjoyed by all. I think their 2 pint takeaway service is awesome, 2 pints of Jaipur for me and 2 pints of Edge for the Mrs made for an enjoyable train ride home!

Great company, great comedy, great beers. Could you ask for any more?


  1. Your two most recent posts, read back to back, tell an interesting story about the evolution of beer over the last fifty years. Those gorgeous old bottles, and then the sheer convenience of those modern take-home packs... it shows definite progress on the one hand, and yet it's kind of disturbing on the other. Just promise me that if you find a take-home pack in someone's loft at any time over the next fifty years - you'll leave it well alone! You've got a great site, I shall be following.

  2. Hearty - Thanks for the comments & the follow. I;ve since found a few other historic beers which i will post about soon. I'm always on the hunt for historic beers. Im sharing another bottle of the Bass 1977 this weekend, looking forward to seeing if it is any different to the last bottle i tried.